10 Marketing Trends Banking Can’t Ignore

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are also becoming more popular with certain segments of the population. An ongoing challenge for financial marketers is in linking social media campaigns to sales. This challenge is what is holding most marketers back …

Chris Rock Emerges (On Twitter, at Least)

Mr. Rock seems to be aware of the curiosity surrounding his appearance tonight, and shared a photo of himself preparing on Twitter: Cutting the fat off my monologue …. Or if her awards marketing was less successful. Facebook · Twitter. Put this post …

Heineken Leaves ‘Legends’ Behind, Talks About Beer Again

“The Legends campaign was clearly on the image and attitude of the brand,” said Heineken USA Chief Marketing Officer Nuno Teles.

Here’s how doctors tweet medical advice — and what they’re not telling you

Social media activity: Uses Twitter and Facebook to promote several drugs to treat menopause-related conditions, including Brisdelle, made by Noven Pharmaceuticals,and Osphena, made by Shiongi, Inc. He also promotes Addyi, a libido medication known …

Top 10 Promising Founders To Watch In The Baltics

Milda Mitkute is a co-founder and head of performance marketing at Vinted, a peer-to-peer global clothing marketplace and the largest Lithuanian startup with a recent $27 million deal in series C financing.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor Win Was the Most Tweeted Moment of an Oscar Telecast Ever

The moment Leonardo DiCaprio finally took the best actor prize was the most tweeted moment of an Oscar telecast ever according to data from Twitter. DiCaprio’s win for his performance in The Revenant, after missing out on a golden statue on five …

More Than an Extra Calendar Day, Leap Day Is a Rare Marketing Opportunity

The plan is for each moment to be shared via local Twitter feeds, with McDonald’s sharing one story per hour via its main feed on Feb. 29.


Making Personalized Marketing Work

The Silicon Valley giants that gave us social networks, smartphones, and apps have realized the power of those tools to capture the customer data required for hypertargeted marketing. Twitter, for example, recently launched Brand Hub, an analytics tool …

PlayStation TV Manufacturing Halted By Sony; All Non-Japanese Marketing To Be Discontinued

It looks like we’ve finally reached the beginning of the end for PlayStation TV, the Vita-based set-top box launched by Sony Computer Entertainment back in 2014.

What Earworms Can Teach Us About Communication

When I think about how to succeed in marketing, I think about what it takes to write people’s favorite songs. I think about how to create those rich and deep sounds that harmonize … Digital media today is constantly flowing, with information …


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