Who And What When It Comes To CMOs And Twitter In 2015

The insights were collected and amassed via a panel of over 1,200 B2B and B2C CMOs and marketing executives located in North America and active on Twitter TWTR +0.00% in 2015 and via over 640,000 tweets including over 350,000 shared links.

Bow in the Presence of Greatness: On Kanye West’s Twitter

Rose’s comments came in the midst of a Twitter battle between West, Rose and her ex-husband, the rapper Wiz Khalifa, the silliest and most sordid celebrity scandal in recent memory.

The Most Followed, and Talked About, NFL Teams on Twitter

The report was based on analysis of the Twitter followings of all 32 NFL teams throughout the football season, as well as the volume of tweets about each organization.

Super Bowl Social Buzz: #AvosInSpace Earning Most Mentions So Far On Twitter

Twitter users love avocados. Or, at least they love the Super Bowl commercial and teaser video that Avocados From Mexico has already released.


Twitter: We Are Fighting Terrorism

The effort to remove terrorists’ postings “will help degrade the incredibly successful international online marketing campaigns by ISIS, al Qaeda, Al Shabab and their ilk,” he added. Twitter also outlined several other recent measures it’s taken to …

#RIPTwitter Trends Over Worries Twitter Will Drop Live Timeline

Twitter-SS-1920 It didn’t take long for many on Twitter to express in the most Twitter way possible that they don’t like the idea that Twitter’s live timeline might change. They tweeted using the #RIPTwitter hashtag to express disapproval, causing it …


Facebook’s new Sports Stadium feature gets big tryout for Super Bowl

Facebook and Twitter contend that advertisers can amplify the effect of TV marketing by buying ads on social media, where users already turn to discuss not just the big plays of the game but also their favorite (or most hated) ads.

Here’s How Twitter Is Trying To Make The Most Of The Super Bowl

Last year, Twitter saw 29 million tweets during the Super Bowl, about 21% more than the year before. “We’re going to have more marketers activating on Twitter this Super Bowl than we ever had before,” says Alex Josephson, a director on the social …

The next wave in storytelling is short-form video

If not, now is the perfect time because Twitter has decided to incorporate Periscope streaming directly into its feed. While this feature is only available on the iOS app, Periscope streaming directly on Twitter means your mobile audience will no …

Essential Twitter Marketing Tips for Photographers

Selling is selling, marketing is marketing… you just tweak them slightly according to who it is your target. In this article I will stick to Twitter in particular even though I do believe in (and use) other social networks. Twitter is just by far the …


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