These 14 private startups now have higher valuations than Twitter

The social media company’s share price hit a record low Monday (Feb. 8) ahead of its earnings release on Wednesday. Its valuation hit $9.45 billion—smaller than some notable private startups including Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, and Dropbox, according to …

Twitter’s New “First View” Ad Spot Gives Video Ads Top Billing For 24 Hours

“We are able to hit a broad movie-going audience with great video in a way that not just garners views, but actually creates social momentum,” said president of marketing Marc Weinstock of First View. T-Mobile is using the spot to promote its Verizon …

Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Q4 2015 Earnings Preview: Jack Dorsey Plans Big Changes For Your Timeline

Twitter Inc. is in trouble. User numbers are growing slowly, actual usage of the service may be declining, and the stock is trading at record lows.

Feb 9, 2016 in Culture: Wiz and Kanye Twitter feud: real or marketing ploy

West came out with over 15 tweets bashing Khalifa’s music, his former wife Amber Rose—who also dated Kanye West before Khalifa married her—and the rapper’s style.

Is Twitter losing its social media mojo?

With staff redundancies, seemingly constant tinkering with the key product and volatile performance on the stock exchange, is there cause for concern in the Twittersphere?

Twitter just sold your home screen to advertisers

The folks at Twitter have announced a system called First View, one in which they’ve allowed advertisers to engage you ASAP.

Twitter Declares New Chief Marketing Officer

Announced through a tweet from CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter now has a new Chief Marketing Officer. Leslie Berland who is American Express’ former Marketing Vice President, will take care of Twitter’s global consumer and product sales. With Berland …

Is Twitter’s $1M price tag for branded emojis worth it?

The two big marketers are likely to receive a big awareness pop during the Super Bowl on Twitter through the new emojis, but not necessarily due to the big event, but because the idea is still new to users.

33 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Ad Parlor: Generate ad mockups so you can see what your ads will look like before you create your campaigns on Facebook or Twitter. Users don’t have to login to use the tool and Ad Parlor allows users to verify specs for all of the ad spaces available …

Twitter hires former American Express exec as chief marketing officer

SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter lost four top executives on Monday, but it gained a chief marketing officer on Tuesday with the hiring of Leslie Berland, a former vice president of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships at American Express …

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