The Twitter meme so stupid that we literally can’t make sense of it

This story makes no sense. Let’s get that out up top. It is a tale of social media vapidity, viral marketing and unabashed plagiarism run utterly amok.

Brands Are Watching Social Media Reactions to Red Carpet Looks

Rakuten Marketing’s review of brands’ efforts on search and social called out Versace for having the most well-rounded presence during last year’s Oscars across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as it shared posts of Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson and …

Twitter marketing tips

I joined Twitter in 2012 and it has been quite something to see how the platform has changed over a relatively short period of time both in terms of personal use and as a marketing channel for business. Whether working on a client’s social media …

Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Social media serves as terrorist recruiting tool

The answer is that ISIS deployed a brilliant marketing strategy targeting young girls in that country,” he said. “How important is the accessibility of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook to terrorist groups like ISIS? It’s almost everything. Because it lets …

Twitter bolsters customer service with new DM and feedback tools

Direct messages on Twitter are being used as a tool to allow customers to share personal information with businesses over a private channel.

Gunman Kills Up To Four In Kansas Shooting Spree

Feb 25 (Reuters) – A man killed three people at a manufacturing plant in central Kansas, after driving around and opening fire on others in a shooting spree that left 14 others wounded and ended when police killed the gunman, authorities said.

4 Mindsets That Could Doom Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Here are some of the most common marketing mindsets that will fail you when it comes to effectively choosing a channel. 1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Mindset.

Apple changed the code on its website so the word ‘click’ didn’t look like something much more inappropriate

Now, this isn’t isn’t a marketing headache any company wants to deal with. It looks like Apple has encountered this issue first hand – and has deployed some code to fix it.

Five Ways Mobile Is Changing the World

She works with many of the world’s largest marketers, including Samsung, Bank of America and Visa, as well as technology brands such as Airbnb, Twitter and EA Sports. An often-quoted marketing expert, Desmond serves on the board of directors of Adobe …

Twitter will Engagement Marketing vorantreiben

Unternehmen werden in den kommenden Jahren wesentlich stärker als bislang auf Engagement Marketing setzen. Sie werden also mehr Möglichkeiten für Zielgruppen schaffen, aktiv mit den Online-Inhalten der jeweiligen Marke zu interagieren. Zu diesem …

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