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… TV as the leading outlet for the world’s marketers by the end of 2017. As the largest buyer of digital ads, the U.S.

Varied theories parse Trump’s appeal to evangelical voters

NEW YORK – Donald Trump’s ability to attract white evangelical voters has confounded analysts. The reality television star and thrice-married Presbyterian has said he’s proud to be Christian, but he also has said he doesn’t repent to God for his sins …

Rubicon Project carves out profitable niche in digital ads

More than 1,500 publishers and tens of thousands of advertisers rely on Rubicon to figure out which marketing messages are best suited to the different audiences that gravitate toward certain websites and apps.

Picture This: Marketers Let Emojis Do the Talking

Now, emojis are everywhere in marketing. When the Beatles catalog was made available on nine music streaming services in December, Spotify provided an emoji of the band’s “Abbey Road” cover to people who used the hashtag #BeatlesSpotify on Twitter.


Snowboarding, Once a High-Flying Sport, Crashes to Earth

Marie Case, the managing director for Board-Trac, a lifestyle research and marketing company focusing on action sports, said retail distribution that carried the culture of board sports across the country eventually proved too much.

Why Every Marketer Should Be Keeping Up With the Evolution of Messaging Apps

Marketers should note that messaging apps are building out their services and providing avenues for connecting brands, publishers and advertisers with users.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: The heart of content marketing

As now 2015 is over we are set to 2016, it’s changing into clear that the terms “content marketing” and “social media marketing” area unit nearly synonymous . Whereas content promoting definitely exists outside of social media, brands will now not run …

‘Reach and return’: The Financial Times is making its paywall leakier

At the same time, the newspaper also changed its policies toward social platforms and began making more content free to people coming to its site from Google, Facebook and Twitter. It launched on Apple News last November. The reason for the change: …

Notes From Meeting With LinkedIn’s (LNKD) Head Of Marketing Solutions Sales – BMO

This functionality mirrors that of Facebook’s Custom Audiences, Google’s Customer Match, and Twitter’s Tailored Audiences by more easily allowing advertisers to bring their own first party customer data to the targeting mix.

The Next Big Switch In Media Is Here

Facebook, Google, WeChat, Twitter, and the like, continue to upend all media conventions, not just social. For those working in the marketing and agency world, this flashpoint requires us to look at content – including advertising – in a …

Love Him or Hate Him, Marketers Can Learn a Thing or Two From Trump

Marketers, he said, should definitely push the envelope a little when it comes to their viewpoints, but there’s a limit.

Your 6-point spring cleaning content marketing checklist

Your 6-point spring cleaning content marketing checklist. With spring in the air, it’s time to get your content marketing in order. Columnist Quinn Whissen outlines some ways to clear out the clutter and give your content strategy a fresh start for the …

7 Quick-Hit Campaigner Tips to Streamline Your Email Marketing

After adding your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, Campaigner gives you the option to individually enable each account to receive email campaigns, and choose an image from the Campaigner Media Library to act as the default image with each …

The CEO Of Breather On The Future Of Office Space

Julien authored three books on marketing while working from the Internet without an office for about 10 years. As a freelancer with no place to go for work every day, he saw the potential for a totally separate, individualized work space that can be …

CMO Today: Martin Sorrell Warns Clients That Programmatic Is Tough on Your Own

OUR HOUSE: Last week, the Association of National Advertisers released a poll saying that 31% of marketers have expanded their capability to buy programmatic ads themselves, raising a question for media-buying agencies that are supposed to do that work …

EXCLUSIVE: How This Marketer Created a Fake Best Seller—And Got a Real Book Deal

I put $50 in the Paid Discovery and combined with the Facebook and Twitter traffic, the post quickly appeared at the top of the “Most Read” section on Observer (where it stayed for over a week).

Can Facebook Live Video Beat Competition From Twitter, Snapchat?

Twitter is also working to better integrate content from its Periscope service into the Twitter news feed, he said. “Given the company’s new identity around (live video), we expect marketing dollars to be put toward this in contrast with Facebook’s …

Where Brands and Comedy Meet: The Weird World of “Native Marketing”

When Jack in the Box started looking around for a new “influencer” – the marketing term of art for third parties paid to promote a brand to their audiences – she seemed like the perfect fit, not least because the Jack in the Box marketing team were …

Anti-Trump train spending millions on attack ads

Those spots raise questions about Trump’s potential mob dealings and also Trump University, where former students complain about the school’s marketing practices. The group switched in other ads over the weekend featuring decorated veterans assailing …

The dangers in talking about Trump

Until the returns from last Tuesday’s primary started to pour in, Jessica Woodbury had been following a hard and fast rule: No political conversations with anyone whose views she didn’t already know.

Products That Promote Themselves, Marketing Meets Design

By wisely investing the dedicated production budget, listening carefully to our strategic partner and closely coordinating what marketing resources we had, Kuboo realized a “products that promote themselves” win. Dr. Kris Haley, Manager of Humane …

Why Accountants Suck at Marketing

You can follow him on Twitter at @BlakeTOliver. Somehow I ended up with a great job in the accounting profession that’s mostly about marketing. It isn’t something I ever studied, planned for, or expected, but I think I know why it happened. I didn’t …

Instagram Beats Twitter in Another Key Area

Although the news is decidedly less positive for Twitter, marketing is not a zero-sum equation – a win for Instagram is not necessarily a loss for Twitter.

Here’s How These 3 Huge Brands Kill It on Social

On Twitter, @CocaCola has nearly 3.2 million followers. But the team behind Coke realizes there is more to social media than likes, follows and reshares.

7 Digital-Marketing Predictions You Need to Keep Your Eye On

Digital marketing is very fluid. Strategies are changing on a continual basis and it’s impossible to sit back and relax.

Blue Cross has two new execs

Most recently, his title included a marketing position and reported to John Roos, senior vice president of of Sales, Marketing and Communication. He shed those marketing … and health care industries. Follow him on Twitter @TriBizHealth or @jasondebruyn.

Michigan 3rd in US in fraud, 6th in ID theft reports

Puneet Manchanda, a professor of marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, said Michigan is a ripe target for scammers, particularly because of two large segments of the population here – immigrants and the elderly.

$30 Million A Year On The Line For Maria Sharapova After Failed Drug Test

Branding expert David Schwab at marketing firm Octagon says that any Sharapova partners with spring launches will have to reconsider their plans.

Social media can be blessing and curse for business

Chad Wiebesick, director of social media and interactive marketing at Pure Michigan, on Monday cautioned marketing professionals about the perils of posting on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets during a Detroit Regional Chamber lunch …

Behold, What One Has Got to Believe Is the Final ‘Community’ Gag Reel

When Jack in the Box started looking around for a new “influencer” – the marketing term of art for third parties paid to promote a brand to their audiences – she seemed like the perfect fit, not least because the Jack in the Box marketing team were …

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