A 7-Step Plan For Improving Your Company’s Workplace Culture

If you’re not running ultra-specific marketing campaigns, you may be leaving money on the table. Digital marketing is on its way to catch up with conventional ways of marketing, and in order to stay on top of the game, companies should adapt vigorous …

How AQR’s Liquid Alternative Funds Are Outperforming Competitors

Asness calls AQR “a global institutional manager that happens to do liquid alts.” Outsiders say the firm is excellent at marketing and product development. It hired a finance professor from Harvard Business School, Gregor Andrade, more than a decade …

4 Mindsets That Could Doom Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Here are some of the most common marketing mindsets that will fail you when it comes to effectively choosing a channel. 1. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Mindset.

Friday Box Office: ‘Gods Of Egypt’ Bombs, ‘Eddie The Eagle’ Crash Lands, And ‘Triple 9’ Is DOA

The only real upside is that Lions Gate Entertainment is only on the hook for around $10m of the budget, plus marketing expenses.

Chamber Happenings: Marketing for Small Business on a Dime

But, there are ways to reduce that cost and use marketing to your business’ advantage. Social Media: Social Media may seem like an obvious avenue to explore, but it’s also one of the most important ones!


Sales tech is disrupting marketing’s role. Here’s how to share the pipeline

They help reps set up their own templates and drip schedules to plan sequences of sales touches – like call, LinkedIn, email, Twitter, etc. These tools can even automate email sends or designate a custom touch by the rep. They define what action should …

How the FOMO Phenomenon Is Driving New Trends In Marketing

With FOMO marketing, brands are hoping to convert users’ feelings of missing out into action. FOMO is driving new trends in marketing, and brands that successfully tap into that FOMO feeling in non-tacky ways could more effectively influence user behavior.

UGA will boost marketing by $500000

The University of Georgia is boosting its marketing budget by half a million dollars this year as university officials get ready for the so-called “public phase” of a billion-dollar fundraising drive and a new branding campaign for UGA.

How The Beauty Industry Has Failed Black Women

My Black is beautiful. Black girls are magic. Melanin poppin’. These rallying testaments of self-love are trending in the Black community on a national scale (hey, Bey).

The SQUIRE App Makes Booking And Paying For Your Next Haircut Hassle Free

In regards to the marketplace, SQUIRE does not have a clear competitor, yet that makes the push for scale an uphill climb without substantial capital for marketing in target cities or specifically catering to high-profile barbershops to drive awareness …

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